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Feeling out of balance?


Constantly tired, lower back pain, headaches,

constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, gas, skin problems,

digestive problems, allergies, food sensitivities,

irritable bowel, the list goes on .......




At Back to Balance Colonics your arrive feeling blocked up, unhealthy and weighed down physically and emotionally. When you leave, you feel sensational, light, cleansed and free.

Despite what you think or may have heard, there is absolutely little to no discomfort associated with a colonic. Your therapist will make you feel comfortable and safe, and what you experience will cleanse both your body and mind.

I cannot thank Tanya enough for her beautiful, caring personality and for making me feel amazing every time I leave Back to Balance Colonics. I truly recommend this procedure for people who are willing to change the way they feel.


Alexia Hilton





As a client of Tanya's I consider colonics as a regular part of my health and lifestyle maintenance just as my monthly breast checks, facials, massage, hair trims and dental checks. As a busy working woman, colonics are not an occasional experience for me but regular maintenance for my overall wellbeing. of course, like everyone, there are times when my life goes out of hilter. With my corporate commitments and yo-yo dating life, travel, heavy party season, stress, the first thing that I suffer from is skin breakouts and constipation. My bowel is an area of weakness in my body, so I know that it is the first indicator when i am vulnerable. At these times colonics help me get my centre back and rebalances things for me.

I recommend Back to Balance Colonics to you without hesitation.



Age 45 Brisbane




Tanya I really would like to thank you for my treatment, you made the process so natural and really have given me the boost I needed to start on this journery "Project Kym" also would like to thank you for being so natural and down to earth.


Kym. C. L






I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this could be the most important 1 1/2 hrs you will spend with someone....really !


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