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Tanya - Colon Hydrotherapist Brisbane


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Tanya Gwizdalla

Tanya is an experienced Colon Therapist and is owner of Back to Balance Colonics in Stafford Heights, Brisbane.


She is currently studying Nutrition and has been having regular colonics and detoxing for over 30 years.


The clinic is set in a peaceful setting in a beautiful cabin clinic using the Dotolo enclosed pressure system which is very gentle no fuss no mess set up, making the colonic an often relaxing process.





Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

Brisbane - Queensland


EATING INTUITIVELY WITH AWARENESS....this is my motto.. and it works



Tanya’s Online 6 Week Detox programme consists of:

A very easy to follow Comprehensive shopping list


6 Weeks of meal planning


6 Weeks of recipes


2 of those transitioning into


2 weeks of super light and clean eating


2 weeks of transitioning out of super light and clean eating


This programme can leave you feeling vital and glowing with an abundance of energy,
better functioning digestive system, clear thinking, better moods


... and help bring your body to its natural weight


$ 49.95



tanya : mobile 0416 330 322 for further info


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