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Tanya - Colon Hydrotherapist Brisbane

Your Therapist

Tanya Gwizdalla.


Tanya is an experienced Colon Therapist and is owner of Back to Balance Colonics in Stafford Heights, Brisbane.


She is currently studying Nutrition and has been having regular colonics and detoxing for over 30 years.


The clinic is set in a peaceful setting in a beautiful cabin clinic using the Dotolo enclosed pressure system which is very gentle no fuss no mess set up, making the colonic an often relaxing process.



Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

Brisbane - Queensland


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Back to Balance Colonics

Brisbanes preferred colonic therapist.

We can assist you in your quest for optimal health with colon hydrotherapy, a safe and relaxing method to cleanse the bowel - seeming the most neglected organ of the body, as we assume all will function as its supposed to.


With our busy, sometimes stressful lifestyles, compounded with uneducated or lazy diet choices and lack of water exercise, our bowel is often not up to scratch and struggles to cope with processing the end result of our overall state of health. Even if you think you are regular, over the years you can still accumulate waste material in the bowel which can cause a myriad of problems including auto-intoxification, or self poisoning.


What is Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy, also called colonic irrigation or colonics, is an effective, safe and gentle method of cleaning the colon (large intestine), in order to eliminate accumulated waste and toxic materials from the bowel.

The use of colon hydrotherapy is to cleanse, stimulate and rejuvenate the digestive system. A healthy colon is essential for optimal health and well being of the entire body. Colon hydrotherapy is vital for your general Health and is also an important adjunct to any detoxification or weightloss program.


Phone or Skype Nutritional Mentoring

I will inspire and guide you whilst empowering you to eat, live and love life to your fullest capacity.

To read more, click Nutritional Mentoring


Online detox program

This program will equip you with new healthy eating patterns, great recipes, increased energy, vibrant glowing skin, clear mind & more efficient digestion.
You will benefit from our customised 6 week detox - here’s how we are different from other programs - click >> detox me


Training in Colon Hydrotherapy

I now offer intensive one on one practical training in Colon Hydrotherapy.
Requirements are a Diploma in massage or some other natural
therapy modality.
Find out more - click >> Colon Hydrotherapy Training

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